about us

about us

Our vision is to provide high quality, durable, unique and eco-friendly clothing and accessories to the whole world, starting with Germany.
In addition to a satisfied customer , our focus is also on a clean world.
The chance to learn something new every day is very important to us.
Someone once said: "Man learns all his life."

What we don't know, we will learn. If we make a mistake , we will correct it. What we promise, we do. At least we will always do our best.

We believe honesty is the key to long-term success.
We strive to be better every day.
We make future-oriented decisions and we have the highest responsibility for them. These are our tasks.
Our goal is to provide outstanding service and establish long-term partnerships with our customers that create true multi-value for both of us.


The unique online shop for printed t-shirts and other textiles or accessories

You can personalize beautiful and weird designs and have them printed on your t-shirt

Particularly creative
A huge selection of items where you can upload your own design or phrase, text, name or logo

Be the boss of your t-shirt; have the floor yourself!

About me

Each of us has gone through or lived through difficult times. Some of my creations came right then, in those difficult times , and they helped me get up from the bottom and get out of it, they helped me get through those difficult moments that we all have sometimes and head towards a better tomorrow believe. And to remind myself that there is still hope.

Almost every time I read something , a saying, a sentence, a quote, something positive and valuable, or if I saw a picture or a drawing, I immediately felt better . Then I tried to draw and write using calligraphy on paper and then on some t-shirts and jackets.

Some liked it, and that's how the idea came up to open an online shop and print my creations on t-shirts first.

Maybe it will help someone else or make your day brighter, maybe it will put a smile on someone's face and hope in their heart . You may also be able to give it to someone, a family member, friend, neighbor, acquaintance or stranger. Someone you think needs this.

To help him, to cheer up and show that all is not as dark as it seems, that better times are to come. That he shouldn't give up. You know the saying: after the rain comes the sun. I would like to believe in that.

I sincerely hope this helps someone.

I started researching, reading and following the courses about online trading and online shop . And to make my idea a reality.

If I can do it, so can you.

Since climate and environmental protection are very important to me, I decided that my products should be clean and durable. I've found two Print on Demand companies that are like that that I work with.

Print on Demand is a model whereby an item (in my shop) is not printed until you have completed the purchase. This model is considered to be particularly sustainable.

I also want to do something good for the environment and maybe draw people's attention to a certain topic.

I also have many plans for the future. We'll see what time brings.

One of my strongest unique selling points is my personality . I bring them to my online shop. Along with my own stories, experiences, interests, talents, weaknesses and strengths, lyrics and music, poems and songs; along with my quirky way and special perspective on the world and life as life has shaped me because of everything I've been through.

I'm honest. I stay myself. Authentic. With clear and lively messages and a clear attitude, I celebrate my way. And my company.

Being a single mother wasn't always easy, it was often difficult. I felt so alone and lonely in this world. I had to be both a father and a mother, I had to be there for my child no matter what or how.

I decided to fight and not give up.

I created this website and my company with love and patience , with a lot of work, with laughter and tears; without any help or financial resources.

But I have the will and the desire to make something of it. This is my mission, goal and cause . To make my company and my life's work successful.

I'm just starting out and I'm still learning how everything works here and every day I'm learning something new..

I fall and get up again..

I make mistakes and learn from them...

I try and do my best..

I walk slowly, step by step.. step by step..

I want to create and create, write and paint, compose and draw, design,

I want to show my creative side and be creative..

And offer my creations..

I would like to help others if I can..

I would also like to invite you to show your creative side.

To find your souls mission..

We are all here for a reason...

I want to see how wonderful creators we all are..

Sustainability is very important to me. Ever since I started my business, I've been trying to become a green business and I'm working to implement a sustainable strategy for my online store.