1. How many people can I order for?
You can order as many items as you like!

2. What payment methods are accepted?
Your favorite shirt accepts Shopify payments, credit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal payments.

3. Can I customize each item (e.g. personalize it with names and numbers) or do they all have to be the same to get a volume discount?
Each item can be unique, but you still get the full quantity discount.

4. Do I have to use your design or can I use my own design ?
Both are possible. The only difference is that self-loaded designs are not eligible for a refund.

5. Can I return a specific item and keep other products? How does this affect the volume discount?
You can return any number of items. Our system will calculate the amount due due to the changed volume discount.

6. How many products do I have to order to get a volume discount ?
Discount is available from 10 pieces. The more you order, the bigger your discount will be. Check out the exact one here.

7. What shipping methods are available?
There are two shipping options: Standard (estimated delivery time 4-9 business days) or Express (estimated delivery time 1-2 business days.) Find the shipping costs here.

8. Can my order contain more than one product type ? For example, men's t-shirts, women's sweaters, children's hoodies, etc.?
You can order as many different or similar product types as you like. All products are included in your volume discount.

9. Can I order a sample before placing a group order?
You can order samples before placing your final order. These samples can be used to check quality and will not be printed. We calculate the base price of the product and refund you when you return it.